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  • Embedded Electronics Camera JGX-0160 Series Wire Isolator
  • Embedded Electronics Camera JGX-0160 Series Wire Isolator
  • Embedded Electronics Camera JGX-0160 Series Wire Isolator
Embedded Electronics Camera JGX-0160 Series Wire IsolatorEmbedded Electronics Camera JGX-0160 Series Wire IsolatorEmbedded Electronics Camera JGX-0160 Series Wire Isolator

Embedded Electronics Camera JGX-0160 Series Wire Isolator

  • Material: Stainless Steel or Aluminum
  • Certification: ISO9001:2015
  • Brand Name: Hoan
  • Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China
  • Product description: Embedded Electronics Camera JGX-0160 Series Wire Isolator
Product Description:

Product Description

Xi'an Hoan's extensive range of stainless steel wire rope isolators and elastomeric shock mounts, most equipment can be suspended successfully. Examples of common applications are electronic boxes, computers, monitors, radar units and similar. To use the correct equipment for the particular stress of your case, Hoan's engineers performs the correct shock calculations.

Wire rope isolators are used to control vibration produced by motors for noise attenuation. They are made by the stainless steel stranded cable threaded through stainless steel or aluminum retaining bars, in order to provide perfect vibration isolation any time in use.

JGX-0160 multi-application wire rope isolator is the new designed 10 loops 1.6mm diameter model with max static load from 2.0kg to 4.8kg, especially used in the precise instruments or systems for noise attenuation.

With 6 different mounting options and versatile size variation for your selection, the multi-application wire rope isolator can meet all your needs for military defense, industrial, marine, transportation and any commercial uses.

The JGX-0160 multi-application stainless steel wire rope isolator is used widely in the field of defense, military vehicles, highway transportation, marine, shipbuilding, navy, energy, photographic equipment, aerial equipment, communication apparatus, electronic sensing devices, mobile electronic devices, cameras or any other needed working conditions.

Technical Parameter:

  • Model Number Code Ordering of JGX-0160 Series:

  • Structural Diagram of JGX-0160 Series:

  • Dimension of JGX-0160 Series:

  • Mounting Options of JGX-0160 Series:

  • Compression of JGX-0160 Series:

  • 45° Compression of JGX-0160 Series:

  • Shear/Roll of JGX-0160 Series:

Company Information

Xi'an Hoan Microwave Co. Ltd., headquartered in China, Xi’an city, was founded in 2005, is a premier supplier of Industry Energy Absorption and Vibration Isolation Products.

With almost 13 years professional experience in manufacturing, designing, and researching, our products are widely used throughout the global field of industry, electronics, aeronautics and space, military defense, shipbuilding, transportation, energy, UAV camera, and rail, etc.

We offer various range of vibration isolation products, to create you the ideal safer and better protection against the harm of vibration and shock you are worrying. Our variety types of standard and custom vibration isolation products win us the good reputation of top quality, fast delivery time, professional technical support and service.

We are now the best seller for more than 31 provinces in China and almost 30 overseas countries for areas of motor, fans, punch machine, elevator, compressor, chemical equipment, subway train, bridge, mechanical equipment, large-scale construction, studios, theaters, vehicles, vessels, and machines.

Contact us now to see how our products can benefit your special equipment application demands or in any way that we can help you meet your production requirements.

All your feedback will be appreciated well and help us do better.

The company focuses on product quality, and at the same time focuses on shortening transportation time, providing professional technical assistance and services, and considering for customers. We are your trusted partner.

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