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GR Series Wire Rope Vibration Isolator for Aerial Photography

GR series butterfly type wire rope vibration isolator, also known as aerial photography GR type wire rope isolator, consists of six series of the GR1 - GR6 and 24 models. It is able to withstand the maximum static load of 1.3 N - 142 N (0.13 kg - 14.49 kg). It has corrosion resistance, impact resistance, high and low-temperature resistance and other properties. Made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy splint, it is small in size and light in quality. Its surface is treated with oxidation, making its corrosion resistance better. It is widely used in vibration isolation and buffering of photographic equipment, aviation equipment, communication equipment, electronic induction equipment and mobile electronics.

GR series adjustable wire rope vibration isolator application

Aerial photogrammetry refers to the operation of drawing topographic maps by continuous ingestion of images on the ground by aerial photography instruments on an airplane, combining with the measurement, drawing and stereoscopic mapping of ground control points. With the update and progress of aerial photogrammetry technology, aerial photogrammetry plays an increasingly important role in the process of resource survey, disaster investigation and analysis, and modern urban management. But, because the aviation operations are greatly affected by external factors, it is easy to produce forced vibration during operation, leading to imaging distortion, which affects the results and efficiency of the aerial camera. Therefore resonance must be controlled and even avoided to reduce vibration of the aerial photography measuring system.