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Difference between Vibration Absorber and Vibration Isolator Principle

Vibration absorber:
The rubber shear vibration isolator is composed of metal and rubber, which can resist oil and aging. The upper screw hole is connected with the vibration isolation pedestal of the equipment worker, and the installation of a metal rubber composite plate is connected and fixed with the foundation bolt. (it can also press the round composite plate of the base) it is easy to install and replace.

Plate rubber vibration isolator is made of iron plate and synthetic rubber by molding and vulcanizing. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, replacement, wide load range and low natural frequency. Suitable for working temperature - 5 ℃ - 50 ℃, damping ratio ≥ 0. 078.

Rubber vibration isolator can be used for vibration isolation of power equipment such as pipeline pump, vertical and horizontal water pump, fan, water chiller, heat pump, generator, etc.

The spring vibration absorber can bear a large range of load, from several thousand grams to dozens of tons, and the static compression is also large, the maximum can reach tens of millimeters.

Its advantages can be summarized as follows:
1. The natural vibration frequency is low. Therefore, the low-frequency vibration isolation is better than other vibration isolation devices;
2. The utility model has a long service life, can resist the erosion of oil and water, and is not affected by the temperature;
3. The mechanical properties are stable, the design calculation method is mature, and the calculation value is close to the test value;
4. It is easy to process and produce, and its characteristics change little;
5. Low price.

Damping vibration absorber has the double advantages of wide selection, large load range, low natural frequency and large damping. It has strong adaptability. It has significant effect on active vibration isolation, passive vibration isolation and impact vibration isolation. It is an ideal shock absorber to reduce vibration hazards and protect the environment. It is also an ideal shock absorber to eliminate the inherent resonance amplitude surge phenomenon of spring.

The disadvantage of the spring vibration absorber is that the damping ratio is small, and the amplification factor is large when it vibrates, so it is easy to transmit high-frequency vibration, and the stability of the horizontal direction is poor. Therefore, if there is a requirement for this, the damping spring vibration absorber can be selected. This product is a new product designed for the defect of the spring vibration absorber.

Spring vibration absorber is used for various water chillers, cooling towers, floor fans or floor air conditioning boxes.