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Construction Technology and Precautions of Wire Isolation Mount

Wire isolation mount is made of the wire rope wound in a spiral shape and fixed between two metal plates arranged along the nut. It is a new type of vibration isolator with non-linear characteristics and dry friction damping. The steel wire rope made of Multi Strands of steel wire wound in a certain direction is used as the elastic element, which has obvious hysteresis characteristics. Its energy dissipation comes from the friction, extrusion and sliding between the steel wires.

The level flatness of wire isolation mount directly affects its working performance index, so during the installation process, the operation shall be in strict accordance with the technical requirements of the scheme operation procedures, and the illegal operation shall be strictly prohibited. When pouring and vibrating the concrete buttress, it is not allowed to collide with the embedded parts and column bars to prevent the axis elevation and flatness from shifting, which will affect the installation quality.

When the electrical, water supply and drainage pipes pass through the inner side of the vibration isolation floor, it is better to check the work before the steel platform cover plate of the vibration isolation floor is closed, whether the piping and wiring are missing, and whether the steel platform is damaged during welding. Because most of the steel members are connected by bolts, the positioning and processing of the bolt holes of steel members are particularly important. The deviation of the hole diameter and position must be controlled within the allowable error range of the specification, so as to avoid unnecessary material waste or rework and affect the installation quality.

The upper part of wire isolation mount shall not be stacked with heavy articles. The office equipment and instruments arranged indoors shall be distributed evenly to avoid too large concentrated load, which may cause deformation of wire isolation mount and affect the use effect.