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Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of Rubber Shock Absorber

Advantage of Rubber Shock Absorber:
1. It can be made into products of various shapes and different hardness, with outstanding elasticity and sufficient strength;
2. It can make the natural frequency of the vibration isolation system lower and have higher damping.
3. No matter in tension, compression, shearing and changing force, the deformation is relatively large.
Comparing with metal spring spring shock absorber, it can determine shape freely and control hardness by adjusting rubber composition. It can satisfy the requirement of stiffness and strength in all directions.
4. The internal conflict is large and the shock absorption effect is good, which is conducive to skipping the resonance zone and attenuating the high frequency oscillation and noise.
5. The modulus of elasticity is much smaller than that of metal, and large elastic deformation can occur.
6. It is easy to maintain without sliding.
7. Small quality, convenient installation and disassembly.
8. Impact stiffness is higher than static stiffness and dynamic stiffness, which is beneficial to impact deformation.

Disadvantages of Rubber Shock Absorber:
1. It is difficult to achieve the natural frequency below 5Hz.
2. Its ability to resist environmental pollution and temperature change is weak and its life is short.

Rubber shock absorber is widely used because of its durable high elasticity, excellent functions of vibration isolation, shock isolation and sound insulation; convenient appearance and restriction, it can freely choose shape and scale to satisfy the requirements of stiffness and strength; it has certain damping function, can absorb mechanical energy, especially the absorption of high-frequency oscillation energy; because of rubber materials and gold. Because of the strong bonding between surfaces, it is not only easy to manufacture devices, but also able to reduce stiffness by using multi-layer superposition, changing its frequency scale and low cost.

Of course, like rubber shock absorbers, rubber vibration isolation pads also have their disadvantages, such as vulnerability to temperature, oil, ozone, sunlight and chemical solvents corrosion, formation of functional changes and aging, easy to relax, so the life is generally about 8 years, but no more than 10 years of corrosion.

The function of rubber vibration isolation pad is not only related to the shape and formula of rubber pad, but also to the hardness of rubber. It has high hardness, high stiffness, high load-bearing capacity, low hardness, low stiffness and low load-bearing capacity. The hardness of some rubber cushions can be divided into 40, 60 and 90 degrees. It is important to pay attention to when selecting them.